With the launch of our new web site, DETAC has expanded a number of products and services, with much more to come in 2017. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Customizable Online General Safety Orientation Launched - we bundled our 4 Step/4 SkillTM Safety Program with General Safety Requirements to create an engaging program that can be easily customized for organizations in any industry, to cover the wide range of topics needed in an effective orientation. The online training compliments other management system elements including on-the-job training and sign-off.
  • One-Stop Shop for Online Safety Training - we have partnered with Dantec to bring you a wide range of high quality online safety training topics all on one site.
  • Mobile Convenience - our online development platform now makes it possible to create more online training topics quickly and cost-effectively, where mobile delivery is essential.
  • Specialty Topics - stay tuned for a first quarter launch of our online courses for managing electrical hazards for hydrovac operators and oil and gas workers.